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Alliances are a feature of VEGA conflict that allow players to team up and fight together to destroy other players. Alliance members can been seen through a roster page, that also shows who's online. Allied bases and fleets' names appear blue, and the total medals count of all the members contribute to the alliance's rank.


Alliance Basics[]

  • Alliances can have up to 75 members.
  • Alliances can be created by any player level 20 and above, although a level 1 player can still become alliance leader if everyone else leaves.
  • Players of any level can join an existing alliance.
  • Players must serve a probationary period in an alliance before they can leave the alliance - this is to discourage alliance espionage, although they can be kicked by the Alliance leadership.
  • The alliance medals tally is the sum of all alliance members’ medals and determines the alliance position on the Alliance leaderboard.

Alliance Identification[]

  • Alliance names are 4 - 25 characters long and must be unique.
  • Alliance tags are 3 - 5 characters long and must be unique.
  • Alliance descriptions are up to 250 characters long and are used to describe the motto or aim of the alliance.
  • Changing the alliance name, tag or description after creation costs coins.
  • Members of an alliance will have their alliance tag displayed in front of their name.
  • Base and fleet names of fellow alliance members will appear in blue to help easily identify comrades in the heat of battle.
  • Alliance message of the day will appear in alliance chat, and can only be set by the alliance leader. 

Alliance Types[]

  • Alliances can be public or private.
  • Public alliances can be joined by anyone.
  • Private alliances require players to apply to join and be approved by the leadership of the alliance, or to be invited by existing members.

Alliance Ranks[]

  • There are 4 ranks within an Alliance - Leader, Officer, Captain and Member
  • The leader can promote members to be officers.
  • The leader and officers can kick people out of the alliance.
  • The leader and officers can accept requests to join private alliance.
  • Only captains can launch an alliance flagship.
  • All alliance members have access to a private alliance chat.

Alliance Dialog[]

  • The alliance dialog allows members to see an overview of the alliance, including the roster and which members are currently online.
  • Alliance leaders and Officers can manage the alliance through the alliance dialog.


  • Diplomacy allows you to set other alliances to Alert (yellow), coalition (green) or war (red) status, and their fleets will change to be what color they are set in on planet and sector views.
  • This can only be changed by the Alliance Leader and officers.


  • Some large alliances may split alliances to house their members. 
  • The first alliance flagship introduced is the Javelin Flagship.
  • Alliances were added into the game on the 24th September, 2014.