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All base operations are directed from the Citadel. It is the Altairian counterpart of The Bridge and is very tough to take down. When destroyed, a massive burst of energy decimates all surrounding structures.
  — Fan-made Description 

Altairian Citadel
Basic Information
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All Altairian Outposts,
Altairian Fortresses,
Umbra Occupied,
Altairian Outposts,
Umbra Infected Outposts


The Altairian variant of the Alien Citadel is the heart of all Altairian Outpost operations. It is also the most heavily guarded and fortified structure. It is usually protected by an Exophase Field, with heavy armor to withstand sustained attack. For self-defense, it is armed with an Eclipse Driver Turret.

The Citadels in Altairian Fortresses are more heavily armed, brandishing 4 Plasma Eclipse Driver Turrets.

Altairian Citadels also make an appearance in Umbra Base Targets, and are seen armed with Aurora Ray Turrets, Arc Missile Turrets, or a chaining version of the Eclipse Driver Turret.

When destroyed, it deals a lot of Collateral Damage, making it a priority target as taking it out first will decimate any nearby modules.


It is advised to not target the Citadel first thing when attacking an Altairian Outpost as you will be bombarded in heavy fire, often leaving a hull or two destroyed. In addition, the presence of force fields around the base makes travelling through the base a chore, as the force fields are able to block ships from passing as well as direct fire, meaning you must take them out first in order to be able to do damage.

It is advisable to bring destroyers, and destroy some parts of the Outpost before moving on to engage the Citadel.


  • The Altairian Citadel was first hinted in concept art at the beginning of the Altairian season.