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The Altairian Pylon Emitter generates an impassable force field capable of blocking direct fire.
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Altairian Pylon Emitter
Basic Information
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Altairian Outposts,
Umbra Occupied,
Altairian Outposts,
Umbra Infected Outposts


The Altairian Pylon Emitter is a marvel of Altairian engineering. When two are placed in alignment, they generate a force field that is capable of blocking the passage of ships as well as weapon projectiles with no signs of damage to the Pylon itself.

Altairian Pylon Emitters are present in every Altairian Outpost and Fortress, as well as in Umbra Occupied/Infected Outposts as well.


Taking out the Pylon Emitters is crucial to a swift victory in the Altairian Outposts. The force fields generated can be a real hindrance when other structures are located behind them, as the force fields block all direct fire, even those with the Pass Through ability. The only way to pierce through is via the Ballista Overdrive.

It is also important to note that shooting at the force field does not cause the Pylon Emitter to take any damage, and thus, the Pylon Emitter must be physically targeted to destroy it. As your ships will prioritize other structures over the Pylon, you must manually set the Pylon as the primary target. All Chain and Piercing (but not Wall Piercing) effects are nullified upon hitting the Pylon, preventing additional damage dealt to surrounding modules. In addition, this module is not affected by Damage Over Time.

The force field also blocks the passage of ships, forcing them to go around. However, they do not cause any damage to ships that ram into them.

Taking out one of the two Pylons generating the force field will deactivate it, so make sure you target the least defended one. You are not required to destroy all the Pylon Emitters in the Outpost to win the battle.


  • The Pylon Emitter does not count as a structure, surprisingly.
  • It is not included in the Outpost's overall health bar.