All base operations are directed from the outpost. Modules draw their power from the outpost's reactor.
  — In-game description. 


The Bridge 5

The Bridge 5

The Bridge is the most crucial module of a player's outpost. It allows the player access to a number of features:

Level 1 Bridge

  • Construct - This allows the player to build additional modules at their outpost, such as resource harvesters and defense platforms. As the player upgrades their Bridge, the number of available modules will increase (see below). Additionally, the player can access the Construct feature in the top-left corner of their HUD.
  • View Components - Like all modules, the player can view any defensive modules on their Bridge. Initially, the Bridge provides a single weapon slot, complete with a Level 1 Heavy Beam Laser.
  • Upgrade - Like all modules, the player can upgrade the Bridge. This grants access to additional components slots and upgrades (see below), along with increased hitpoints, fleet slots and storage capacity.
  • Change Name - This allows the player to alter their in-game name. By default, all usernames (when registering through Facebook) use the user's first name and surname initial (e.g. John Smith - JohnS). Each user is granted a single free rename, after which a fee of 100 Coins is required.
  • Move - Like all modules, the player can move their Bridge to another section of their area. It must be noted, however, that this can cause problems for your entire base if moved too far from the base (see below).


In additon, the Bridge is responsible for powering every other module within your base. It is important to know exactly how far away your modules can be placed before becoming unpowered:

  • If a module is placed immediately adjacent to the Bridge or any subsequently connected modules, then the module will be powered.
  • A module can also be powered if there is a single-tile gap between itself and a powered module, in which case a visible blue "beam" will connect the two modules. Note that diagonally-adjacent modules are considered to be a single-tile gap apart.
  • If a module is placed any further away than this, it will become unpowered, and an orange power icon will appear above it. If a module becomes unpowered, any processes being carried out will pause (including upgrading, harvesting and researching) until the module is powered again.

When moving your Bridge, it is important to ensure that the rest of the base is still powered. It may be necessary to reformat your base structure to supply power to all of your modules.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Health 800 1,600 3,200 4,740 9,450
Max components 1,800 3,600 7,200 14,440 28,880
Slot config  + Weapon  + Armor +Shield +Armor -
Supported fleets 2 4 6 7 7
Storage Capacity 50,000 150,000 450,000 1,350,000 4,050,000
Defense Platform 4 6 8 10 12(?)
Res gather, storage 2


5 7 9(?)
Time --- 30mins 2h 30 min 12h 30m 2d 14h
Helium 3  --- 25,143 248,915 1,976,683 9,651,157
Minerial Ore --- 26,662 263,558 1,976,683 9,651,157
Zynthium --- 22,185 219,632 1,976,683 9,651,157
Antimatter --- 0 0 0 7,471,864
Requirements  ---

Ship Factory II

Ship Yard II

Ship Factory IV

Ship Yard IV

Ship Factory VI

Ship Yard VI

Ship Factory VIII

Ship Yard VIII