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Background for the Carmine Nebula.


The Carmine Nebula Sector is the site of the Oligarchs' Planet Destroyer. It is also the current headquarters of Ny'tah's Oligarch Armada, and has many Altairian Outposts as well as Altairian fleets patrolling the area.


Beginning with Blindside, the Heralds and Miner Rebellion begin their push into the Oligarch positions. A red wormhole to the Carmine Nebula will open, and around it and inside it, rebels will find numerous Altairian Outposts dotting the entire sector. In the background, a massive object looms, most likely the Oligarch's Planet Destroyer.

The Carmine Nebula is the Oligarch's main stronghold and thus, Oligarch Altairian fleets inside the sector that spawn from Glowing Rifts will aggro any player fleet +- 10 levels that gets too close.

Similar to the Colony 47 Infected Sector, when players engage in combat in the Carmine Nebula, the background also changes to match the red and dark background of the sector, with the Planet Destroyer in the background.

The Oligarchs have also invaded rebel space, and have set up numerous forward Outposts at the outskirts of the rebel sectors near the Carmine Nebula Wormhole.


  • This is the fourth type of sector featured in the game, and the third to contain base targets.
  • The large structure is most likely the Oligarch's Planet Destroyer, still under construction.