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Ablative Armor is another form of protection, first introduced with the Umbra faction.

They act similarly to shields, with Ablative Health representing their durability, but are capable of being restored through the Ablation ability, even after complete depletion, which makes them more reliable in combat.

Unlike shields, Ablative Health does not regenerate after the end of each battle: it stays at its current value until restored through combat (tip: attack low-level NPC Targets to gain free Devour Recovery). As a result, it is not as reliable out of combat.

Lost Ablative Health can also be repaired in the Fleet Bay for no extra cost: the ratio of restored Ablative Health to lost Ablative Health remains equal to that of restored Health to lost Health (i.e. the progress towards completion is always the same for Health and Ablative Health).

Note that Ablative Health is subject to the same resistances and damage modifiers that are applied to Health, and that Shield Bypass effects cannot pierce through Ablative Armor.


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