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Campaigns are a feature in VEGA Conflict that functions like a storyline, allowing the player to experience a certain storyline within the VEGA Conflict universe, with rewards at the end of the run for completing it.


Expired and Completed Campaigns.

Campaigns have a duration, and when expired can no longer be played. They are divided into runs, with each run containing a set of encounters that the player must complete within a certain time limit. If the player fails to do so, the encounters will reset and the player will have to restart the run again.

Campaigns usually offer huge rewards, and are well worth the effort spent to complete them.

Do note that if you completely finish a campaign (all of the runs), you will not be able to play it again.

List of Campaigns[]


Training Simulation: Rebel Tech[]

Complete this training simulation to earn Rebel Tech.


Read more here: Training Simulation/Rebel Tech

Training Simulation: The Federation[]

Complete this training simulation to earn VEGA Federation Tech.


Read more here: Training Simulation/The Federation

Training Simulation: High Security[]

Complete this training simulation to earn VEGA Security Tech.


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Training Simulation: Mercenaries[]

Complete this training simulation to earn ISC Tech.


Read more here: Training Simulation/Mercenaries

Training Simulation: The Demons[]

Complete this training simulation to earn VEGA Security Tech.


Read more here: Training Simulation/The Demons

Training Simulation: Alien Hybrids[]

Complete this training simulation to earn Xeno Division Tech.


Read more here: Training Simulation/Alien Hybrids


The Forsaken[]

Investigate and repel a new alien threat.

The Forsaken (1).png

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Voidborne Justice[]

Take down a rogue Altairian warlord.

Voidborne Justice.png

Read more here: Voidborne Justice

Phoenix Advanced Access[]

Be the first to get your hands on this exciting new hull!


Read more here: Phoenix Advanced Access


  • This feature was originally from Battle Pirates, much like the Blitz feature.
  • When campaigns first debuted, There was a bug that caused encounters to not be able to start. KIXEYE had to run a downtime in order to fix the issue.
  • After a long break in campaigns, a set of catch-up campaigns under the title "Training Simulation" was released soon after Deep Space on July 11, 2019.