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VEGA Conflict periodically runs events in which players have an option to participate for prizes.

Feature Events[]

Each feature event represents the latest addition to the story of VEGA Conflict. As such, they often include the latest tech for the corresponding faction.

Players can earn points by inflicting damage to certain NPC Targets and finishing the battle during the event. These points can then be used to redeem prizes in the event store.

At the end of the event, excess points can be exchanged for resources according to a fixed ratio, but only if there is nothing else to buy in the event store.

VEGA Mining Season[]

These events follow the VEGA Mining story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Uprising A mysterious voice offers the Miner Rebellion stolen VEGA Mining technology in exchange for data cores. DreadBattleship1.png
Retribution Bertram responds to the theft of VEGA technology with force, though he is easily outmaneuvered by the mysterious thief. CondorFrigate1.png
Deception The mystery voice is heard broadcasting from multiple locations, confounding both Bertram and Vorzer. GharialCutter1.png
Crackdown Bertram is facing termination, so he launches a last-ditch effort to stop the Rebellion. RaptureCruiser1.png

VEGA Security Season[]

These events follow the VEGA Security story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Espionage VEGA Security is revealed to have a valuable member of the Miner Rebellion in custody; its location is currently being tracked down. ZealBattleship1.png
Jailbreak The Rebellion discovers the location of their target. Despite VSec's best efforts, they successfully recover the ex-officer Larus (and his Blood Raven), along with countless other detainees. LanceDestroyer1.png
Martial Law Larus releases information about VSec's "Project Ragnarok", right as they use it against the Rebellion, and begins planning his own counterpart to the new carrier. KomodoCutter1.png
Arms Race With data obtained in the previous VSec attack, Larus is able to develop the Valhalla Carrier for the Rebellion. ValhallaCarrier1.png
Countermeasures Bishop, the previously unseen head of VSec, admonishes the rebels for their association with the "treacherous" Larus. OspreyFrigate1.png
Face Off Algol speaks out about the dangers of Blood Amber and competes against Larus for the Rebellion's support, which ultimately failed. RagnarokCarrier1.png

Iron Star Company Season[]

These events follow the Iron Star Company story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Reclamation As VEGA Security begin their attack on Miner Rebellion bases, Larus turns to the Iron Star Company for assistance. HereticCruiser1.png
Emergence Keres VII, leader of the Iron Star Company, agrees to ally with the Rebellion, and the two forces go on the offensive against VSec. PythonCutter1.png
Revenge Despite being under direct attack by the Iron Star Company, VSec becomes even more aggressive under Bishop's leadership. MacheteDestroyer1.png
Evacuation VSec is forced to retreat under the combined forces of the Iron Star Company and the Rebellion. VigilanteBattleship1.png
Warfront Keres leads a direct assault on VSec's research facilities, recovering the long sought-after Corinthian Cruiser blueprint for the Rebellion. CorinthianCruiser1.png
Backlash Under the influence of Blood Amber, Bishop unleashes an unprecedented attack against the Iron Star Company, and one of their divisions goes missing. HurricaneFrigate1.png
Shadow Strike VSec continues their offensive, pushing back against the Rebellion all across the frontier. ValkyrieCarrier1.png
Conspiracy Bishop has taken control of the missing Iron Star Company division, and is using it against the Rebellion. FreyjaCarrier1.png
Blood Trials Keres survives the onslaught, revealing that VSec possesses portable wormhole technology, which would explain their widespread counterattack. ---
Iron Blood Keres suggests that Larus is untrustworthy due to his affiliation with Blood Amber, and won the Rebellion's support. ---
Zero Hour Unable to contain the Rebellion, Bishop finally steps down as leader of VSec, passing down his job to VEGA Demon Corps. JavelinFlagship1.png

Demon Corps Season[]

These events follow the Demon Corps story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Crossfire Led by the twisted General Geir, the VEGA Demon Corps as well as remnants of the corrupted Iron Star Company begin an invasion on the sectors. CovenantCruiser1.png
Scorched Earth The Demon Corps continue their rampage across the sectors, as Keres VII attempts to find a way to save her corrupted brethren. HellfireBattleship1.png
Incursion Algol warns of an impending Alien invasion, while the Demon Corps assault shows no signs of subsiding. BasiliskCutter1.png
Search and Destroy The Miner Rebellion continues to resist the onslaught of the Demon Corps, while braving off attacks from the Aliens. DamoclesDestroyer1.png
Maelstrom The Rebellion, acting on Algol's advice, attempts to assassinate General Geir, hoping to stop the invasion for good, to no avail. TornadoFrigate1.png
Nemesis The remaining Demon Corps forces arrive in full. The situation looks desperate for the Rebellion, as the Demon Corps do not intend on taking prisoners. DominionCarrier1.png
Redemption Realizing the dire situation of the Rebellion, Larus offers his assistance. ---
Devastation The Demon Corps have begun testing a new prototype battleship hull that is capable of launching squadrons and defending itself. LegionBattleship1.png

Xeno Division Season[]

These events follow the Xeno Division story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Vengeance Dismissed from the VEGA Federation for acts of treason, Geir releases the Aliens on a full-on rampage across the sectors. PunisherCruiser1.png
Resurrection Realizing the Aliens can't be controlled, Geir makes a shocking alliance proposal with the Miner Rebellion. DecimatorCutter1.png
Vendetta Keres VII and the Iron Star Company were ambushed by the aliens and presumed to be dead. The Rebellion hungers for revenge. AnnihilatorBattleship1.png
Outbreak The extent of the Xeno Plague now revealed, the Rebellion invades their outposts in the Forsaken sectors, hoping to stop the infection from spreading. ExterminatorDestroyer1.png
Eradication The Rebellion finds out that Geir has succumbed to the Xeno Plague. They clash in battle with him one last time. Suppressor1.png

A.X.I.S. Season[]

These events follow the A.X.I.S. story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event New Hull New Equipment
AXIS The gaze of the Xeno Plague has fallen to the Miner Rebellion. Ancient Alien forces begin to join their ranks, while the Rebellion prepares countermeasures. PaladinCarrier1.png
Conquest Now activated, the A.X.I.S. project, spearheaded by Rhea Dage, is the Rebellion's only hope in countering the Ancient Alien forces. GuardianCruiser1.png
Ascension With the Aliens now deploying Ancient Hives in retaliation, the rebels respond with the Vindicator Cutter. VindicatorCutter1.png
Dynasty The Aliens continue to deploy reinforcements into battle. Despite this, the A.X.I.S. project allows the rebels to stand against them. EnforcerBattleship1.png
Betrayal A group of rebels has betrayed the A.X.I.S. Project. The Rebellion proceeds to punish those traitors. LiberatorDestroyer1.png
Alien Armageddon Prolonged battle with the Aliens has resulted in the inevitable collapse of multiple galaxies. The Rebellion prepares to defend what territory they have left, while evacuating from the ones they have lost. ---
Reckoning Rhea Dage was identified as the mastermind behind the betrayal. Suspecting that she has been framed, she flees command in search of the truth. Pegasus1.png
Defiance Rhea Dage finds a way to prove her innocence. Further analysis indicates that Sybil was hacked. ---

Altairian Season[]

These events follow the Altairian story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Contact The Miner Rebellion chance upon the Heralds, a band of Altairian resistance fighters led by Klavic asking for help in their civil war against the Oligarchs. BastionCruiser1.png
Deadlock When it becomes clear that negotiations have broken down, the Oligarchs, led by Ny'tah, launch a massive assault against the Rebellion and the Heralds. ParagonBattleship1.png
Invasion The Oligarchs continue their assault, but this was revealed to be a diversion to allow them to finish the Titan Planet Destroyer. CavalierCutter1.png
Blindside Seizing control of the Carmine Nebula Sector, the Oligarchs move into position to fire the Titan at Rebel HQ. The Rebellion desperately resists the Oligarchs. InquisitorDestroyer1.png
Doomsday Saved by Larus, who delayed the test fire of the Titan, Klavic and the Rebellion engage the Oligarchs in a desperate attempt to get Ny'tah to cease hostilities. SovereignCarrier1.png

Umbra Season[]

These events follow the Umbra story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Ashes Oligarch resistance fighters continue to roam the sectors. Amidst the chaos from the wake of the Altairian civil war, a greater threat looms. PhoenixFrigate1.png
Vector The Umbra arrive, led by Bishop, spreading their influence across the sectors. WraithCruiser1.png
Pestilence Rhea Dage attempts to sneak into Umbra HQ to find out their plans, and the Rebellion creates a diversion for her to slip in undetected. OgreBattleship1.png
Redux Rhea escapes with Keres VII, who was presumed to have been lost to the Aliens back in the Vendetta event. MedusaDestroyer1.png
Chrysalis Still bearing grudges towards the Rebellion, Keres VII escapes custody. The Rebels collaborate with Tatiana Demina and the remnants of the Iron Star Company to find her before Umbra does. ManticoreBattlecruiser1.png
Catalyst Having hijacked an Alien Harvester, Keres attempts to decapitate Umbra's leadership. The rebels pursue her, hoping to stop her from her suicide mission and prevent collateral damage. Harvester.png

Pharmakon Season[]

These events follow the Pharmakon story arc and primarily offer the corresponding faction's technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Cipher The Umbra continue open warfare against the rebels, but the Pharmakon arrive, intending to eradicate all life. TrojanCruiser1.png
Duplicity While the Umbra continue to battle the rebels, Bishop reaches out to the Pharmakon, hoping to negotiate. DaemonBattleship1.png
Synthesis Negotiations with the Pharmakon take an unexpected turn for Bishop and the Umbra, while the Altairians begin to reconstruct technology to counter the Pharmakon onslaught. RenascenceBattlecruiser1.png
Vestige Acknowledging that the Pharmakon are too dangerous and must be eliminated, Bishop wants peace with the Rebels and Altairians, offering the Gargoyle Carrier schematics as a gift. GargoyleCarrier1.png
Collusion Bishop organises a strategic conference to identify the best way to combat the Pharmakon, of which Klavic goes missing shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, the Pharmakon adapt to the rebels' tactics, unveiling their new Inhibitor Battlecruiser. InhibitorBattlecruiser1.png
Demise Ny'tah deploys the new Zeus in the Search for Klavic, which however lead to unfortunate results. Zeus1.png
Justice While the rebels try to plan their next move, the Pharmakon continue to sterilize everything in their path, deploying Omegas to extradite their efforts. Omega1.png
Defection Kobus Chiron's intentions to spread the Umbra plague have come to light, even with his "noble intentions" of informing the rebels of Bishop's plans for Deep Space. Aerico1.png

Tier 8 Season[]

These events follow the Tier 8 story arc and primarily offer either the Altairian, Umbra or Pharmakon faction's Tier 8 technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Collateral Keres attempts to rescue Victoria Onin and apprehend Bishop, but is caught in the crossfire from Umbra's Power struggle, as Chiron sends Valrayvns to personally take Bishop into custody as well. Valrayvn1.png
Awakening Altairian scanners detect strange signals from an abandoned Umbra facility, and the rebels investigate on their behalf, discovering a Pharmakon android, but end up alerting Pharmakon Operators to their location. Operator1.png
Singularity Evi'tah, high priestess of Altair, deploys Ajaxes to deal with the situation when the rebels report about the android. Ajax1.png
Extradition Keres delivers Bishop to Ny'tah, who then prepares to execute him for the murder of Klavic. Not allowing this to happen, Kobus Chiron sends Amaroks to intercept. Amarok1.png
Pursuit The Android introduces herself as V-153, and offers blueprints for the Pharmakon Vector in exchange for the rebels allowing her to accompany them. Vector1.png
Hijack V-153 is captured by unknown assailants, and Evi'tah responds by sending her Orions in to divert Pharmakon's attention away. Orion1.png
Infiltration The rebels manage to track V-153 to Umbra's secret lab, and contact an insider to gather more information on the facility's defenses, as well as their Wendigo patrols. Wendigo1.png
Retaliation The rebels alert Ny'tah to V-153's location, but instead of attempting a rescue, she intends to wipe out the entire facility with her Artemises. Artemis1.png
Penultimate V-153 pleads for the Rebels as well as the Pharmakon and their newly deployed Monitors to stand down, claiming she sees the benefits of Chiron's research. Monitor1.png
Zenith Shadow Wraith manages to apprehend Chiron and escape in the Alien Mothership, bringing an end to the Umbra's deeds, but at the same time angering Keres, and causing the ISC to cut ties with the Rebels. AncientReaper1.png

Spectre Tier 9 Season[]

These events follow the Spectre Division story arc against the Imperium Liberatus and primarily offer Spectre Division Technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Liberation Keres reemerges as the leader of the Imperium Liberatus, having secretly raised an armada of her own to conquer the galaxy. In response, Burr activates the Spectre Division to counter her reemergence. Switch1.png
Suppression Taken aback by the initial defense, the Liberatus double down on their defensive capabilities, forcing the Spectre Division to deploy their Breakers in response. Breaker1.png
Upsurge Keres has deployed much faster and agile ships into battle. The Spectre Division responds with the Deadeye, designed to take down any enemy ships from afar with precision. Deadeye1.png
Haunted Ghostly Holographic Projections of Umbra Ships with phasing capabilities are haunting the sector! Take them down for exclusive prizes! -
Monarch In a fearsome standoff, the Liberatus and the Spectre Division both deploy their carriers into battle. ComandanteCarrier1.png
Virago Keres is pushing her Quantum Replicator to its limits, resulting in large energy storms as a by product of her rapidly expanding army. It is thus the highest priority to locate the core before the Rebels are overwhelmed. Arc1.png
Solstice Take part in this event reminscent of Norwalien tradition and battle Red Giants with snowballs for a chance at powerful rewards! -
Breakdown Keres continues to further bolster her armada's defensive capabilities. In response, the Spectre Division developed the Caustic in order to identify weak spots and deal extra damage. Caustic1.png
Inquest While the search for the Quantum Replicator Core continues, the Spectre Division has a new weapon to bring to the table against the Liberatus, a damage dealing powerhouse known as the Subverter that inflicts multiple status effects on its enemies to debilitate and debuff them. Subverter1.png
Chase Down The rebels begin to close in on the Quantum Replicator Core. In addition, Spectre R&D presents the first reverse-engineered Liberatus Hull, the Buckler. Buckler1.png
Showdown A showdown begins between the Liberatus and Spectre Division begins as the rebels finally locate the Quantum Replicator Core. Broadsider1.png

Spectre Tier 10 Season[]

These events continue the Spectre Division story arc against the Imperium Liberatus and primarily offer more advanced Spectre Division Technologies.

Event Description New Hull
Transversal With Liberatus suffering their first crushing defeat at the hands of the Rebels, Keres has escaped via a Rift into the void, with the rebels in pursuit. Infiltrator1.png
Barricade As Liberatus continues to develop and field new weapons of war, Spectre R&D rolls out the next evolution in Titan technology, the Conservator. Conservator1.png
Precision Strike Spectre R&D has developed a new Ranger hull as well as an improved Driver weapon capable of piercing through multiple targets. What better way to test it than in field combat? Cannonade1.png

Recurring Events[]

Recurring events are events that occur repeatedly. They often place emphasis on grinding.

Players can earn points by inflicting damage to certain NPC Targets and finishing the battle during the event. These points can then be used to redeem prizes in the event store.

Deprecated Events[]

Event Description
Alien Mobilization Claim bounties for each Alien target in order to earn advanced Iron Star Company, Demon Corps, Xeno Division and A.X.I.S. tech.
Alien Decimation Fight through the various Decimation phases to reveal the boss target, earning elite Iron Star Company, Demon Corps, Xeno Division and A.X.I.S. tech along the way.
Civil War Battle against players in other sectors to earn Civil War Points. Win prizes according to your personal, alliance and sector ranks on the event leaderboard.
Special Event An event designed for newer players that offers outdated technology. Prizes may vary between iterations, with some being rare and highly sought after by collectors.
Planet Strike An event designed for newer players, offering VEGA Mining and VEGA Security technology. Prizes are regularly cycled between iterations.
Sector Strike An event designed for newer players, offering Iron Star Company and Demon Corps technology. Prizes are regularly cycled between iterations.
Smash & Grab An event designed for newer players, offering instant credits and blank hulls at Xeno Division and A.X.I.S. level.
Crafting Event An event designed for newer players, offering crafting materials for Xeno Division Hulls and A.X.I.S. Hulls.

Active Events[]

Event Description
Riot Instead of VEGA Mining, VEGA Security and Iron Star Company tech, the present Riots now offer easy access to Time Tokens.
Alien Strike An event designed for newer players, offering Xeno Division and A.X.I.S. technology. Prizes are regularly cycled between iterations.
Void Strike An event designed for newer players, offering Tier 6 Marauder technology.
Altairian Rising An event designed for newer players, offering Tier 7 Altairian technology.
Umbra Rising An event designed for newer players, offering Tier 7 Umbra technology.
Pharmakon Rising An event designed for newer players, offering Tier 7 Pharmakon technology.
Mobilization The crafting grind event for the Altairian, Umbra and Pharmakon factions.
Decimation The elite grind event for the Altairian, Umbra and Pharmakon factions.
Alliance War Take control of Mining Outposts to accumulate Solar Shards and unlock the next tier of the event store. Battle other player fleets in the Unstable Sector to earn Intel (Lorium). Win prizes according to your personal and alliance ranks on the event leaderboard.
Retrograde A catch-up event for Tier 6-8 players which also offers Retro Tier 7 hulls.


Contests can be either held in-game or on the official forum, offering exclusive rewards ranging from Coins to autographs from the game team. They are not directly related to the storyline.

Event Description
Bounty Weekend A limited event that awarded the then-unreleased Apocrypha Cruiser to top players on the sector leaderboard.
Search and Destroy Search for fleets belonging to the VEGA Conflict game team and defeat them for a random blueprint.
Ultimate VEGA Threat Create the ultimate VEGA Mining ship using official assets and your imagination to win Coins.


Bounty WeekendSearch and DestroyUltimate VEGA Threat

Deprecated Recurring Events

Alien MobilizationAlien DecimationSpecial EventSmash & GrabPlanet StrikeSector StrikeCrafting EventAltairian RisingUmbra RisingPharmakon Rising

Active Recurring Events

RiotAlien StrikeVoid StrikeAltairian StrikeUmbra StrikePharmakon StrikeCivil WarAlliance WarRetrogradeMobilizationDecimation

2014 Feature Events


2015 Feature Events

EspionageJailbreakMartial LawArms RaceCountermeasuresFace OffReclamationEmergenceRevengeEvacuationWarfront

2016 Feature Events

BacklashShadow StrikeConspiracyBlood TrialsIron BloodZero HourCrossfireScorched EarthIncursionSearch and DestroyMaelstromNemesisRedemption

2017 Feature Events

DevastationVengeanceResurrectionVendettaOutbreakEradicationAXISConquestAscensionDynastyBetrayalAlien ArmageddonReckoning

2018 Feature Events

DefianceContactDeadlockInvasionBlindsideDoomsday (Nightmare) • AnarchyAshesAltairian/Umbra Sector Leaderboard EventVectorPestilenceReduxChrysalisCatalyst

2019 Feature Events


2020 Feature Events


2021 Feature Events

BreakdownInquestChase DownShowdownTransversalBarricadePrecision Strike


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