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Here is a list of all factions that have appeared in VEGA Conflict. Each faction is assigned to a tier, which indicates the advancedness of its technology: the higher the tier, the more advanced it is.

All Tier 7 factions are considered equal and are labeled as 7A, 7B, and 7C according to order of appearance. Tier 8 uses the same factions as Tier 7 and are thus named accordingly.


Portrait Description Tier
Miner Rebellion
The Miner Rebellion is the faction the player originates from. Once clients of the VEGA Federation, many miners decided to break away and form a resistance due to the extremely harsh treatment they received, thus beginning the story of VEGA Conflict. Major figures of the Rebellion include Burr and Sybil. 0.0 to 3.0
Iron Star Company
The Iron Star Company is a mercenary group currently allied to the Rebellion. Originally contacted by Larus in the event Reclamation, they aided the rebels in the fight against VEGA Security and later, Demon Corps, offering them unique technology. They were led by their headstrong and noble queen, Keres VII, until her apparent demise by the Aliens in the event Vendetta. Her second in command, Tatiana Demina, continued to side with the Rebellion despite a major portion of the Company defecting to VEGA. 5.0
The Advanced Xeno Integrated Systems project, headed by Rhea Dage, became the Miner Rebellion's tech source after the fall of the Xeno Division, as they prepared for the threat of the Ancient Aliens. Midway through the war, a portion of the members suddenly splintered off, and Rhea was presumed to be responsible. She later managed to clear her name though, with Algol confessing that he was responsible for manipulating Sybil into framing her. 6.5
The Altairians are a group of technologically advanced extraterrestrials, previously embroiled in civil war due to differing views on On-Wah, their "ascended" leader. They consist of two factions, the Heralds, led by Envoy Klavic, and the Oligarchs, led by his renegade sister Ny'tah. Upon first contact with the Miner Rebellion, Klavic enlisted their help to defeat the Oligarchs in exchange for Altairian technology. A truce between the two sub-factions was reached when it came out that Klavic's ancestors spliced their DNA with the humans to avoid a fertility crisis, making the two species kin. They are now endangered, thanks to a scorched earth protocol initiated by On-Wah. 7A, 8A
Spectre Division
A combination of an elite cadre of Rebel pilots and supporting infrastructure, the Spectre Division is the result of an Unknown Benefactor anticipating a cataclysmic event similar to that of the Imperium Liberatus and developing the technology needed to allow the Miner Rebellion to survive the oncoming onslaught. 9.0


Portrait Description Tier
VEGA Mining
The mining division of VEGA Federation was the former employer of many in the Miner Rebellion. In the past, they have attempted many times to end the Rebellion, but have yet to succeed. More recently, they have called on other VEGA divisions for assistance. Despite numerous attacks on their fleets, VEGA Mining has never terminated their mining operations. Former senior officers include Bertram Rumbelow and Vorzer. 4.0
VEGA Security
The security division of VEGA Federation, VSec for short, is in charge of protecting VEGA Mining fleets and conducting sector patrols, later dispatched to arrest and suppress the Miner Rebellion, albeit unsuccessfully. They were led by Bishop before he stepped down and handed the job over to Demon Corps. 4.5
Demon Corps
The military division of VEGA Federation, Demon Corps began invading the sector after VEGA Security failed to defeat the Miner Rebellion. They were led by General Geir, who was dismissed in the event Vengeance for conspiring to commit treason and performing unsolicited experiments. Since then, the Demon Corps' operations against the Rebellion have slowly dwindled. 5.5
Xeno Division
The Xeno Division, led by General Geir, became the primary antagonist after he was sacked by the VEGA Federation, with the goal of wiping out both VEGA and the Miner Rebellion using Alien technology. They later allied with the Rebellion in Resurrection when the Alien threat escalated. The faction eventually collapsed after its leader was consumed by the Aliens' infection. 6.0
The Aliens (also called the Xeno Plague and the Green Veil) are a hostile entity. They were first mentioned in the classified Colony 47 incident as they ran rampant in the Colony 47 Infected Sector for a very long time. After various experiments, General Geir managed to take control of them and kick-start their Incursion. Unfortunately, he gradually succumbed to their mind-controlling virus, and they subsumed him. This proved a far larger threat than anything seen in the universe, which caused the Miner Rebellion and Xeno Division, once enemies, to ally together. More recently, it was revealed that they were an unintended outcome of On-Wah's Altairian eugenics experiment. 6.0 to 6.5
The Marauders are not technically a faction. Instead, they represent a collective of criminals, thieves, and space pirates who lurk amongst the unknown regions, occasionally raiding shipments of cargo as well as stealing blueprints of technology from the other factions. Notable figures include Skoll, leader of the Golden Wolves clan. 6.0 and above
The Umbra is a mysterious splinter group of the VEGA Federation infected by a variant of the Xeno Plague and are occasionally seen taking over Demon Corps ships. They are led by a biomechanically-corrupted Bishop and are prejudiced against the Altairians, calling upon the masses to rise up against them. 7B, 8B
The Pharmakon is a rogue A.I. that was originally developed to govern its creators. When the Xeno Plague arrived, it resorted to the extermination of all sentient life in an attempt to stop the infection, causing the Altairians’ forefathers to escape their homes. 7C, 8C
Imperium Liberatus
The Imperium Liberatus is an impossibly vast armada led by Imperatrix Keres in an attempt to seek revenge upon the Miner Rebellion for their continued and supposed betrayals against her under the guise of bringing about a bright and united future. Upon their arrival, they immediately blitzed colonies and bases belonging to the Pharmakon, Umbra, Altairian, and Rebel factions. 9.0