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Coins are a in-app currency which costs real money to get and use. They are also obtained from the Commerce Module which gives free coins every day. They are a very useful resource and can speed up and acquire many things instantly.



Every day there are the basic offers which never expire or go away:

  • $5 Pack for 500 Coins
  • $10 Pack for 1,000 Coins
  • $20 Pack for 2,000 Coins
  • $50 Pack for 5,000 Coins
  • $100 Pack for 10,000 Coins


When starting the game there are many bonus offers so you are more tempted to be invested in the game and spend money, these are:

  • 2$ Pack with 200 Coins Total
  • Android users get a bonus package with their first purchase that contain: 300 Coins, 2 Rancor Battleships, and 1 Nexus Destroyer
  • Daily Login to acquire hulls and possibly some coins
  • Early missions that give out 1 coin as a reward

Steam Packs[]

On Steam only KIXEYE released packs that could only be bought on the Steam website which including very attractive offers with coins in them.

Ship/Blueprint Packs[]

Sometimes KIXEYE will release a offer where you can buy coins but also get pre-built ships in the offer, or more rarely a complete blueprint.

  • $20 for 2,000 Coins and 1 of that hull
  • $50 for 5,000 Coins and 3 of that hull

Mark-Upgrade Packs[]

These packs will also usually Mark hulls

  • $20 for 2,000 Coins and the components to upgrade 1 of the hull to Mk III and 1 to Mk II
  • $50 for 5,000 Coins and the components to upgrade 1 to Mk IV
  • $100 for 10,000 Coins and the components to upgrade 2 to Mk V
  • $200 for 20,000 Coins and the components to upgrade 6 to Mk V


Coins can be used to do many, many things in VEGA Conflict. Each time you spend Coins, apart from receiving what you purchased for, you also grant Commerce Module XP to your alliance members (including yourself), gradually leveling up the module so that it can passively produce more Coins.

Instant Completion[]

Coins can be used to instantly complete a build, refit, research, craft or repair process at any stage.

The first 5 minutes skipped costs no coins. However, you are charged 1 coin for the next 4.5 minutes, and 1 coin every 3 minutes thereafter.


Helium-3, Mineral Ore and Antimatter can be purchased directly using Coins. There are three types of purchases: 10% max capacity, 50% max capacity and complete refill.

The exchange rate follows a logarithmic scale, making it more efficient to purchase a complete refill than purchasing smaller amounts of resources multiple times.

Exclusive Offers[]

Certain deals from The Market can only be purchased with Coins.

Blueprint Completion[]

If you have at least one piece of a blueprint, you have the option of purchasing all of the remaining pieces using Coins. However, this is generally unnecessary as blueprint pieces now have a 100% drop rate.



  • People who use lots of Coins are known as "coiners" and usually are very powerful.
  • Some players express their disapproval of KIXEYE by refusing to buy any Coins. In serious cases, the community as a whole may even stage a boycott.