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Background for the Forsaken Sector.


The Colony 47 Infected Sector, otherwise known as the Unknown Sector or Forsaken Sector, or more commonly known as the Alien Sector, is a secondary sector that appears during Alien events, and it houses certain Alien Targets, most notably the Unknown/Infected and Ancient Outposts, and sometimes Alien Harvesters.


Starting from the event Outbreak, a green sustained wormhole similar to the wormholes leading to other sector will pop up with the tag reading Unknown, traveling through this wormhole will lead you into the Colony 47 Infected sector, the site of the Colony 47 outbreak. They host high level Alien outposts and have a green star system background. During battles large chunks of debris can also be seen flying around. There are also multiple Unstable Wormholes that occasionally spawn various types of Alien fleets.

It is worth noting that since the Colony 47 Infected sector is Alien territory, Alien fleets are more aggressive and thus have a much faster sector speed when aggroed and chasing down their targets. Be careful not to get caught!

When players engage in PvP Combat in the Alien Sector, the background also changes to match the greenish background of the Alien Sector.

Also, the Aliens have expanded their reach beyond the wormhole and have taken over multiple human colonies surrounding the Unknown wormhole, resulting in multiple low level Alien Outposts spawning around it.


  • This is the second type of sector featured in the game, and the first to contain PvE Base Targets.
  • The debris could mean many Outposts exploded before every staff member was infected.