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Eclipse Driver   Eclipse Driver Turret

Unlike previous Driver weapons, the (Heavy/Xeno) Eclipse Driver Turret fires a stream of individual particles at a rapid pace, increasing the ability to retarget as necessary.
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Eclipse Driver Turret I
III (Heavy)
IV (Xeno)
DPS 191 Kinetic 211 Kinetic 239 Kinetic 305 Alien
Mass 1,714 t 1,885 t 2,143 t 2,601 t
Range 2,050-9,300 m
Projectile Range 10,230 m
Speed 2,250 m/s 2,250 m/s 2,250 m/s 3,750 m/s
Shield Bypass +20%
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.6 / R: 1.4 / N: 4
Module XP 235,223 XP 344,390 XP 458,383 XP 738,230 XP
REUSABLE ITEM ReusableItem.png
Arms Lab Required X X XI XII
EQUIP ModuleRefit.png
Time Time.png 10h 49m 14h 39m 18h 47m 1d 3h 42m
Mineral Ore MineralOre.png 11,452,140 16,376,560 21,300,980 26,225,401
Antimatter Antimatter.png 4,771,725 6,823,567 8,875,409 10,927,250


The Eclipse Driver Turret is the base version of the ship weapon Eclipse Driver.

It fires a string of four projectiles which travel quickly and have increased shield bypass, much like the ship counterpart.

Strategy and Setup[]


Eclipse Driver Turrets have very long range and high projectile speed. This makes them perfect for defending against sniper fleets which often rely on long range and dodging tactics to destroy bases, taking minimal damage. They are essentially a direct upgrade over the Storm Driver Turret with better range and damage output.

Their minimum range is very small, allowing them to take a part in blitz defense.

The Xeno version has accelerated projectiles by default which can be boosted by Xeno Iridium Arrays to make dodging even more difficult.

The weapon's high projectile speed and fire rate makes them an effective squadron defense.


Eclipse Driver Turrets have the worst damage output out of all A.X.I.S. Base Weapons, making them least useful against rush fleets which boast massive health and damage.

The Xeno version is resisted by A.X.I.S. Hulls while the Void version is resisted by Marauder Hulls and NPC Targets. You are recommended to mix them together to achieve a balance against the various fleets that may attack your base.