Epsilon ECHO Cannon

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Epsilon ECHO Cannon   Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret

Epsilon ECHO Cannon   Void Epsilon ECHO Cannon

The (Xeno) Epsilon ECHO Cannon utilizes enhanced Energy (Alien) charges to maintain its chaining impact and have an increased chaining range.
  — In-Game Description 

Stats[edit | edit source]

Epsilon ECHO Cannon I
III (Xeno)
DPS 248 Energy 310 Energy 372 Alien
Max Chain DPS 646 Energy 876 Energy 1,087 Alien
Mass 1,751 t 2,048 t 2,447 t
Range 0-3,000 m 0-4,200 m
Speed 3,000 m/s
Chain 5 7 9
Chain Distance 3,000 m 3,000 m 4,000 m
Module Damage -50%
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 1.0 / R: 2.0 / N: 3
Traits HomingPass Through
Restricted to Cruisers
Restricted to AltairiansUmbraPharmakon
Hull XP 20,217 XP 26,667 XP 32,843 XP
BLUEPRINT CompleteBlueprint.png
Farming Tier Altairian Vanguard Cargo Altairian Vanguard Cargo N/A
Pieces 4 5 N/A
Arms Lab Required XI XII N/A
REUSABLE ITEM ReusableItem.png
Prerequisites N/A N/A None
CRAFT Crafting.png
Fragments Fragment.png 150
EQUIP ModuleRefit.png
Time Time.png 8h 00m 16h 00m 1d 0h
Helium-3 Helium3.png 12,317,933 16,140,739 19,963,546
Antimatter Antimatter.png 7,905,539 10,358,982 12,812,426

Note: Xeno Epsilon ECHO Cannon is not available to the Umbra nor Pharmakon.

General[edit | edit source]

The Epsilon ECHO Cannon is a powerful Energy weapon with the ability to bounce across nearby targets, dealing extra damage.

It fires three thin yellow pellets which pass through blocking enemies before reloading.

The Xeno Epsilon ECHO Cannon is an advanced version of the Epsilon ECHO Cannon that has built-in range increase and deals Alien Damage, taking on a green coloration.

Strategy and Setup[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

Epsilon ECHO Cannons build on the strengths of the ECHO Ray, being able to effortlessly damage the entire enemy fleet at once with the insane chain count. They can also destroy many squadrons at once and potentially ricochet towards the enemy carrier from extreme range.

Epsilon ECHO Cannons perform best when also equipped with range extenders such as Beam Capacitors. The intrinsic range increase of the Bastion Cruiser can further stack with this bonus, enabling this weapon to achieve a whopping 5,200 m even without its Overdrive effect.

The Xeno version has extra range that substitutes the Beam Capacitor, freeing up a special slot for other uses. Xeno Beam Capacitor is still useful for clearing out squadrons.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Like other chain weapons, Epsilon ECHO Cannons are ineffective against a single target; even Pulse Cannons exceed their mass efficiency. As a result, it becomes difficult to focus down one target at a time. Counter Chain technology such as Spectral Shells render them much less powerful.

Epsilon ECHO Cannons have a massive 50% damage penalty against modules, making them unsuitable for base attacks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Each bounce reduces the damage output by one-third.
  • It has a similar firing pattern to the Rebound Ray that is used on the Reaper Harvesters.
  • The Xeno variant of this weapon is no longer available to Umbra hulls after the late April 2019 update to facilitate the rock-paper-scissors system between T7 factions. Existing items will be replaced by Blight Nova Cannon in the May 2019 update.

Gallery[edit | edit source]