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Active ships are maintained by the Fleet Bay, whether returning from a mission or preparing for launch.
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Stats (X-)[]

Fleet Bay I
Hangar Slots HangarSlot.png 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 3
Armor Slots ArmorSlot.png 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Shield Slots ShieldSlot.png 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1
Health 158 224 316 447 631 891 1,259 1,777 2,510 3,544
Max. Mass 190 t 260 t 370 t 520 t 730 t 1,020 t 1,430 t 2,000 t 2,790 t 3,910 t
Fleet Mass 700 t 1,100 t 1,700 t 2,650 t 4,150 t 6,450 t 10,100 t 15,300 t 22,800 t 34,200 t
Collateral 40 56 79 168 237 334 630 889 1,255 1,772
MODIFIERS Wrench.png
DPS +25%
Counter Pierce Infinite
REPAIR Repair.png
Time Time.png 2m 38s 3m 44s 5m 16s 7m 27s 10m 31s 14m 51s 20m 59s 29m 37s 41m 50s 59m 04s

Note: Upgrade stats can be found here.


The Fleet Bay is a building used for repairing and managing fleets. Its level determines the maximum mass of each of your fleets.

At level VII and higher, the Fleet Bay can launch wings (i.e. squadrons for bases) to better defend your base. Read here for more information on squadrons for bases.

As a multi-tile structure, its range is determined by simulating a Combat Module with the same range in each of the two occupied tiles, then combining the two range arcs.

To rotate this structure, pick it up and press the arrow keys (on PC) or tap on empty space (on mobile).


The Fleet Bay is the first module that can field base squadrons. Used correctly, and it can decimate incursions; used poorly, and it becomes a liability, with the possibility of even destroying your own base!

Although squadrons can deal a ton of damage and have excellent range, they can be shot down by enemy fire and are hence unreliable. A lone Fleet Bay is a sitting duck for most enemy fleets. Therefore, always support your Fleet Bay with multiple Combat Modules.

Be careful with what squadrons you are using; enemy destroyers may be able to exploit them by using the squadrons as bait. The projectiles will pierce through the squadrons, travel beyond maximum range and potentially hit distant modules. Make sure that the entire firing arc of your Fleet Bay is also covered by at least one Combat Module so that you can return fire. Flanking squadrons also reduce the effectiveness of this exploit.

Squadrons will also trigger Explosive detonations without consuming the weapon projectile, multiplying the enemy's damage output, especially if they have large AoE. Try to set up your Fleet Bay such that it would fall quickly under Explosive attacks by using non-Explosive resistant shields and armor, minimizing the extra damage dealt to the rest of your base.

When you unlock Bridge VI, make sure to build Hangar Modules near your Fleet Bay to maximize the number of squadrons bombarding the enemy at the same time. Surely the enemy cannot destroy ten squadrons travelling towards their fleet at once!

Be wary that at high levels (XI+), the Fleet Bay deals a lot of Collateral Damage once destroyed, on par with that of the Combat Module


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
I-III FleetBay1-Left.png Fleet Bay Damaged 1.png Fleet Bay Destroyed 1.png
IV-VI FleetBay4-Left.png Fleet Bay Damaged 2.png Fleet Bay Destroyed 2.png
VII-IX FleetBay7-Left.png Fleet Bay Damaged 3.png Fleet Bay Destroyed 3.png
X-XIV FleetBay10-Left.png Fleet Bay Damaged 4.png Fleet Bay Destroyed 4.png
XV-XVII FleetBay15-Left.png FleetBay15-LeftDamaged.png FleetBay15-LeftDestroyed.png


  • The Fleet Bay used to be called the Ship Bay.
  • When base squadrons were first released, the Fleet Bay could not launch fleets until fully repaired. This has since been changed.
  • All Miner Rebellion modules (except Terminus Mines) received Anti-Pierce in the mid-January 2020 update which is basically infinite Counter Pierce.
  • Fleet Bay XVII was released in the late March 2020 update. In the same update, it received increased DPS at all levels.
  • The Fleet Bay had its upgrade times reduced by 30% up to level XVI in the late April 2020 update.
  • Fleet Bay XVIII was released in the late October 2020 update.
  • In the May 2021 update, resource costs for the Fleet Bay and the Bridge were adjusted, allowing for easier progression forward.