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The Fleet Commanders Tab showcasing your available commanders.


Fleet Commanders was a new feature introduced with the December 2018 Update. The feature allows players to assign a commander (which is usually a character from the VEGA Conflict Universe) to their fleets. The Commanders grants specific bonuses to the players' fleets, affording the fleets a greater edge in Combat.

Certain fleet commanders can be obtained through missions, but the more powerful and rare commanders are usually obtained through events such as Decimation.

Fleet commanders can be leveled up through defeating other player fleets and NPC Targets; see here for more details.

List of Common Commanders[]

List of Uncommon Commanders[]

List of Epic Commanders[]

List of Legendary Commanders[]

Tier 7[]

Tier 8[]

Tier 10[]

Tier 11[]


  • This feature has somewhat of a resemblance to the Rogue Crews feature in Battle Pirates.
  • The late February 2019 update fixed an issue where the post-combat report may be inconsistent while using Sybil.
  • The early April 2019 update fixed an issue where Sybil's fleet composition bonus does not update the Fleet Manager stat block.