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Gladius Driver   Gladius Driver Turret

Gladius Driver   Boosted Gladius Driver

The Gladius Driver is an experimental VEGA ship Kinetic weapon that includes a proximity-triggered detonation.
  — In-Game Description 

Stats[edit | edit source]

Gladius Driver I
DPS 18 Kinetic 25 Kinetic 32 Kinetic
Mass 320 t 513 t 820 t
Range 2,250-4,750 m
Projectile Range 5,460 m
Speed 2,000 m/s
AoE Radius 280 m
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 5.0 / N: 1
Traits Proximity Trigger
Hull XP 316 XP 417 XP 513 XP
BLUEPRINT CompleteBlueprint.png
Farming Tier VEGA Tier I VEGA Tier III VEGA Tier IV
Pieces 4 5 6
Prerequisites Gauss Driver III Mass Driver II Mass Driver IV
EQUIP ModuleRefit.png
Time Time.png 17m 30s 1h 13m 30s 3h 45m 30s
Helium-3 Helium3.png 288,990 1,437,064 4,412,835
Antimatter Antimatter.png 32,110 359,266 1,470,945

General[edit | edit source]

The Gladius Driver is a unique Kinetic weapon with the ability to detonate for full damage if close enough to a target.

It fires a blocky white slug with a blue trail, detonating with a small explosion.

Strategy and Setup[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

Gladius Drivers are the first fleet-oriented Kinetic weapon a player can unlock. They have high projectile speed, allowing the weapon to reliably hit moving targets especially when equipped with Iridium Magnets.

Their proximity detonation dramatically improves their accuracy, allowing them to still be viable when paired with Phased Projectiles, which ignore a portion of enemy shields and deal direct health damage.

As with other Kinetic weapons, their long range enables ships to kite most others.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Gladius Drivers have a significant minimum range, making them useless in close quarters.

Gladius Drivers also have poor mass efficiency, they generally lose to Polaron Rays equipped with Focused Optics.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the in-game description and the graphics, the "proximity detonation" really means that the Gladius Driver has a significantly larger hitbox, making it much easier to land hits than weapons with small hitboxes, like the Mass Driver and Wave Driver. See more here.

Gallery[edit | edit source]