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Hijack   Hijack (Bounty)

EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

Altairian Orion Promo (1).png

V-153 has been seized by unidentified troops. With Pharmakon on high alert, Evi-tah High Priestess of Altair, is sending a response fleet of Orion fighters. We suspect whoever took V-153, intends to use her as a weapon. Gather any intelligence that may reveal the location of the stolen Android and who is responsible
  — V-153 

While still highly suspected of being a spy, entity V-153 has been allowed to join the Rebel cause. Potentially armed with key knowledge of Pharmakon defenses, Rhea knows taking them on is a risk worth taking. Making a quick escape, Rhea and V-153 ducked into the Black Market, sending comms indicating they were being pursued by unknown aggressors. Our reports indicate V-153 has now been captured, but not a single faction has claimed responsibility for it … yet. Why did they kidnap V-153? Set course to the Altairian Sector and report back, Rebel.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Hijack is the 57th Event in VEGA Conflict. It introduces the first Altairian T8 Fighter Hull, the Orion.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]




I've lost V! After she finally picked out the armor that "matches her aesthetic" we got right off that scummy outpost. Those markets are known to attract a few unsavory types but these cloaked cronies gave me the creeps. As soon as we took off, they came after us in their dingy freighter and sent off a shockwave disabling my ship and V. They came aboard and took her away.

I don't know who they are but with V's reckless firing power, I reckon I know what they want with her. This is my fault. We have to find out who's responsible and get her back.
 Rhea Dage 


Your Majesty, Evi'tah,

The Pharmakon android we uncovered from the abanadoned facilities has been seized from my officer by force. You wouldn't happen to know anything about it would you? Judging by the increase in Pharmakon activity in the sectors, we gather they're also in search of their prototype.


This is terrible news. Whoever is in possession of that android wields a great power over the galaxy. Once again, it's up to my Divine Army to deal with the chaos the Rebels leave behind. I shall send a fleet of Orion fighters. They'll help deal with Pharmakon atacks by getting inside the Vectors' firing arc, so at least it'll be easier to bypass Pharmakon patrol. Any further intel regarding this matter, you report directly to me.



I'm tracing high frequency signals just outside the Umbra Sector. This reading is similar to what was detected at the abandoned facilities. Umbra soldiers are patrolling a heavily guarded outpost there. I'm sure that's where V-153 was taken.

Commanders, you must arm yourselves for unknown dangers if you're to proceed with the extraction. I await your command.

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 pm PDT
START DATE March 5, 2020
END DATE March 9, 2020
EVENT TYPE Attack Pharmakon Deluge, Altairian Deluge, Umbra Deluge, Pharmakon Crypto, Altairian Diplomat, Altairian Trinity, Pharmakon Trinity, Umbra Trinity, Umbra Kyanite, Umbra Pyrite, Altairian Disorder, Umbra Disorder, Pharmakon Disorder, Altairian Diplomat, Altairian Joust, Altairian Paviser, Pharmakon Codec, Umbra Obsidian, Pharmakon Malware, Umbra Abandoned Facility, Altairian Skirmisher, Umbra Onyx, Umbra Zircon
Defend Pharmakon Runner
ANTAGONIST Umbra, Pharmakon, Altairians
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on March 10, 2020

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Blueprints Amount of Intel
24h Xeno Division Ship Refit / Ship Build / Craft Token (Max. 6/ea) 15,000
Paragon Battleship MK II Crafting Box (Max. 30) 17,500
Daemon Battleship MK II Crafting Box (Max. 30)
Ogre Battleship MK II Crafting Box (Max. 30)
Explosive ECHO/Pierce/Stasis Resistor (Max. 12) 25,000
24h A.X.I.S. Ship Refit / Ship Build / Craft Token (Max. 6/ea)
Explosive Weapon Disruption Resistor RI (Max. 12) 30,000
Explosive Siphon Resistor RI (Max. 12)
Shockwave Resonant Armor RI (Max. 12)
Spectronics/Pyrochemistry/Gravimetrics Elements (Max. 12)
Alien/Blight/Plasma Elements 50,000
Valrayvn BPP 75,000
Operator BPP
Ajax BPP
Amarok BPP
Vector BPP
Orion BPP
Nova Missile I Credit (Max. 7) 100,000
Ablative Tungsten Armor I Credit (Max. 3)
Thonian Armor I Credit (Max. 3)
Hammer Missile I RI (Max. 12) 150,000
Valrayvn Mk II Pattern x5 275,000
Operator Mk II Pattern x5
Ajax Mk II Pattern x5
Amarok Mk II Pattern x5
Vector Mk II Pattern x5
Hammer Missile II RI (Max. 12) 300,000
Ogre Battleship Hull 1,500,000
Victoria Onin Fleet Commander
Chrome Skin Credit 2,000,000

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Altairian Hobiler (Blitz) Altairian Armati (Blitz) Umbra Scavenger (Blitz) Umbra Affliction (Blitz) Pharmakon Bit (Blitz) Pharmakon Byte (Blitz)
70 800 + 20-25x Paragon Fragments --- 800 + 20-25x Ogre Fragments --- 800 + 20-25x Daemon Fragments ---
75 1,800 + Paragon Mk III Box --- 1,800 + Ogre Mk III Box --- 1,800 + Daemon Mk III Box ---
81 4,000 + Paragon Mk IV Box --- 4,000 + Ogre Mk IV Box --- 4,000 + Daemon Mk IV Box ---
85 --- 10,000 + Paragon Mk V Box --- 10,000 + Ogre Mk V Box --- 10,000 + Daemon Mk V Box
91 --- 25,000 + 10-15x Paragon Elite Fragments --- 25,000 + 10-15x Ogre Elite Fragments --- 25,000 + 10-15x Daemon Elite Fragments

Drops marked with (Tn), where n is an integer, are categorized into blueprint sets. Players are required to have unlocked the majority of a set before those from the next set can drop. Some blueprints appear in multiple tiers, meaning that they can be obtained from defeating fleets within a broader level bracket.

Target Level Umbra Onyx (Blitz) Altairian Paviser (Blitz) Pharmakon Malware (Blitz)
94 40,000 + 1-2x Valrayvn BPP (T0) 40,000 + 1-2x Ajax BPP (T0) 40,000 + 1-2x Operator BPP (T0)
96 55,000 + 2-4x Valrayvn BPP (T0) + 1-2x Nova Driver I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Ablative Carapace I BPP (T1) 55,000 + 2-4x Ajax BPP (T0) + 1-2x Cascade Missile I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Resolute Shield I BPP (T1) 55,000 + 2-4x Operator BPP (T0) + 1-2x Paroxysm Cannon I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Mesh Screen I BPP (T1)
98 100,000 + 4x Valrayvn BPP (T0) + 2-4x Nova Driver I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Ablative Carapace I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Nova Driver II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Ablative Carapace II BPP (T2) 100,000 + 4x Ajax BPP (T0) + 2-4x Paroxysm Cannon I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Mesh Screen I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Cascade Missile II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Resolute Shield II BPP (T2) 100,000 + 4x Operator BPP (T0) + 2-4x Paroxysm Cannon I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Mesh Screen I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Paroxysm Cannon II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Mesh Screen II BPP (T2)
Target Level Altairian Disorder Umbra Disorder Pharmakon Disorder Altairian Trinity Umbra Trinity Pharmakon Trinity Pharmakon Deluge Altairian Deluge Umbra Deluge
100 100,000 + 1-2x Amarok BPP (T0) --- --- 100,000 + 1-2x Vector BPP (T0) --- --- 100,000 + 1-2x Orion BPP (T0) --- ---
102 --- 115,000 + 2-4x Amarok BPP (T0) + 1-2x Cyclic Vulcan I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Parasitic Armor I BPP (T1) --- --- 115,000 + 2-4x Vector BPP (T0) + 1-2x Astral Driver I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Vertex Armor I BPP (T1) --- --- 115,000 + 2-4x Orion BPP (T0) + 1-2x Horde Cannon I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Scale Armor I BPP (T1) ---
104 --- --- 125,000 + 4x Amarok BPP (T0) + 2-4x Cyclic Vulcan I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Parasitic Armor I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Cyclic Vulcan II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Parasitic Armor II BPP (T2) --- --- 125,000 + 4x Vector BPP (T0) + 2-4x Astral Driver I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Vertex Armor I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Astral Driver II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Vertex Armor II BPP (T2) --- --- 125,000 + 4xOrion BPP (T0) + 2-4x Horde Cannon I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Scale Armor I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Horde Cannon II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Scale Armor II BPP (T2)
Target Level Umbra Zircon (Blitz) Umbra Abandoned Facility (Blitz) Pharmakon Codec (Blitz) Altairian Joust (Blitz) Umbra Pyrite (Blitz) Pharmakon Crypto (Blitz)
104 125,000 + 15-30x Ablative Carapace III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Resolute Shield III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Mesh Screen III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Parasitic Armor III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Vertex Armor III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Scale Armor III Fragments
106 175,000 + 25-50x Nova Driver III Fragments 175,000 + 25-50x Paroxysm Cannon III Fragments 175,000 + 25-50x Cascade Missile III Fragments 175,000 + 25-50x Cyclic Vulcan III Fragments 175,000 + 25-50x Astral Driver III Fragments ---
Target Level Altairian Skirmisher Umbra Obsidian Pharmakon Defragmenter Altairian Diplomat Umbra Kyanite
103 125,000 + 4-5x Valrayvn Mk II Patterns 125,000 + 4-5x Operator Mk II Patterns 125,000 + 4-5x Ajax Mk II Patterns 125,000 + 4-5x Amarok Mk II Patterns 125,000 + 4-5x Vector Mk II Patterns
105 150,000 + 4-5x Valrayvn Mk III Patterns 150,000 + 4-5x Operator Mk III Patterns 150,000 + 4-5x Ajax Mk III Patterns 150,000 + 4-5x Amarok Mk III Patterns 150,000 + 4-5x Vector Mk III Patterns
107 175,000 + 4-5x Valrayvn Mk IV Patterns 175,000 + 4-5x Operator Mk IV Patterns 175,000 + 4-5x Ajax Mk IV Patterns 175,000 + 4-5x Amarok Mk IV Patterns 175,000 + 4-5x Vector Mk IV Patterns
109 200,000 + 7-9x Valrayvn Mk V Patterns 200,000 + 7-9x Operator Mk V Patterns 200,000 + 7-9x Ajax Mk V Patterns 200,000 + 7-9x Amarok Mk V Patterns 200,000 + 7-9x Vector Mk V Patterns
111 250,000 + 10-13x Valrayvn Elite Patterns 250,000 + 10-13x Operator Elite Patterns 250,000 + 10-13x Ajax Elite Patterns 250,000 + 10-13x Amarok Elite Patterns 250,000 + 10-13x Vector Elite Patterns

Note, * means not 100% chance

For more information on the event targets, click here.

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