Kobus Chiron

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Kobus Chiron

Doctor Kobus Chiron is a doctor within the ranks of the Umbra, working as their medical officer.

History[edit | edit source]

Dr Kobus Chiron is the Chief Physicist of the Umbra, who was revealed to have climbed the ranks of the Umbra via deception and manipulation. He is also noted to be an expert in Energy damage technology.

During Vestige, he completed a diagnosis of Bishop, outlining his condition before and after the Pharmakon restored him to his prior self.

During Demise, he begins to suspect that Bishop was no longer working in the best interests of Umbra, believing that he may have had something to do with Klavic's death, as he saw Bishop spiking Klavic's drink with a gray vial.

He goes undercover in Justice, finding a galaxy map made by the Pharmakon that lead to many different sectors in deep space from the Hypergate Bishop was attempting to reconstruct. He has reason to believe that Bishop made a deal with the Pharmakon in exchange for the final pieces to complete the hypergate.

His true intentions revealed during Collateral, he deploys his secret project, the Valrayvn for the first time in order to destroy the enemy invaders. However, when his Valrayvn fleets were diverted and then neutralized by the rebels, he retreats to his lab. Keres attempts to raid it, first asking politely for him to let her in so that she can negotiate.

When he doesnt respond, Keres responds by destroying his lab in Singularity, causing him to get extremely frustrated. He issues an ultimatum to turn Victoria Onin and Bishop in or there will be consequences.

Hearing that Keres handed Bishop over to Ny'tah in Extradition, he issues another ultimatum, warning any rebel or Altairian not to stand in his way or they will meet their end at the hand of another of his projects, the Titan-class Amarok. However, his attempts to retrieve Bishop fails, and he could only watch in regret as Bishop was summarily executed by Ny'tah for the death of Klavic, hoping to have given him a Umbra trial that was more fair to him instead. He warns the rebels that this will not be the last that they will see of him.

Chiron later has V-153 abducted and taken to his new lab for unknown reasons in Hijack, and the rebels move in on his secret lab to try and rescue V before Chiron takes advantage of her power. It is revealed later in Infiltration that he is using V-153's plasma beams to restrain the alien mothership so he can continue on his research.

Much later in Zenith, his facility is once again attacked by a combined force from the Iron Star Company and Ny'tah's Oligarchs. He survived, thanks to V-153 sacrificing herself to save him. However, he has been taken into custody by Shadow Wraith, the Rebels' undercover Umbra agent.

Profile[edit | edit source]

He is revealed to be a young man who was hooked up to wires which were connected to tanks containing unknown fluid.

Being an expert in Energy Weapon technology, he buffs the health and cannon range of the ships in the fleet he's assigned to, while granting resistance to energy weapons as well as a damage boost to energy weapons. If 4 Cruiser hulls are used, the fleet will deal additional 20% shield damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kobus Chiron is the 2nd character from Umbra to be revealed, the first being Bishop.

Gallery[edit | edit source]