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Basic Information []

General Placement of Miners around an Asteroid

A resource asteroid is the resource object in the game where you can get resources from. It provides resources of all kind except antimatter. Simply put a resource miner next to it and it will start mining for resources. To collect the resources banked, click on one miner and click "Bank All".

A few important things to remember:

  • Resources mined from asteroids keeps your base running. It can be seen as an easy way to obtain resources. High-level miners can keep a steady flow of income without players needing to hunt for resources.
  • It is impossible to mine antimatter. They are only available when you destroy NPC Targets that contain them.

Important Facts[]

A depleted resource asteroid.

A resource asteroid can run out of resources if mined, the time depends on the number of miners as well as how fast the miners can mine. For example, a level four miner can finish a resource asteroid faster than a level one miner, consequently three miners of the same level can deplete resource asteroids faster than one miner of that same level. You can check the amount of resources left in the asteroid by clicking on the asteroid itself.

Also note that, as your Bridge increases in level, so too will the amount of resources each asteroid contains.

Once a resource asteroid is depleted/runs out of resources, you can remove the depleted asteroids and another resource asteroid should promptly respawn once a day or so, hence there will be an infinite amount of resource asteroids to fill your miners up.


  • When bridge VI was first introduced, resource asteroids did not respawn for a week due to a bug