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Resurgence is a feature that regenerates lost health after Player vs Player (PvP) fleet combat.

At the start of each PvP fleet combat, if a ship has at least 10% of its maximum health, then after the battle, it will recover a percentage of health lost during the battle, regardless of the outcome of the battle, even if the ship in question has been destroyed during the battle. This percentage is equal to the Resurgence value.


Resurgence stacks additively on a per-item basis. For example, a Blackguard Cruiser Elite with Resurgence System equipped has a total of 80% + 15% = 95% Resurgence.

Note that the health recovered is for damage taken in that battle only. For example, if the aforementioned ship starts at 50% health and ends up at 30% health at the end of the battle, it will recover 65% of the 20% health lost in that battle only (i.e. 13% health), not 65% of the total 70% health loss (i.e. 45.5% health). This ensures that ships will eventually become weak enough to be defeated, even if they win every prior battle.

Moreover, Resurgence only regenerates health, not defenses. As both shields and screens can regenerate between combat even without Resurgence, ablative armor is the biggest loser here.


  • Resurgence was originally introduced with Tier 7 Marauder Hulls.
  • Resurgence received a revamp in the late February 2020 update. It no longer only applies to the victor of the battle - instead, there now exists a minimum health threshold (10%) for it to trigger.