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Rebel's splinter faction comprising elite force of highly trained pilots. Harnessing the power of Prime Shift, their ships enter a transcendent state turning them into the most dangerous combatants in the VEGA system.
  — In-Game Description 

The Spectre Division are a faction introduced in August 2020, and is a new rebel division, meant to be a form of successor to A.X.I.S.. They are composed of highly trained pilots that use advanced Prime Shift technology to grow stronger whenever they are combating opponents.

They were developed as a response to Keres' Declaration of war in the form of the Imperium Liberatus.


The Spectre Division was a secret movement developed by the Rebels which recruited Elite Rebel Pilots to their cause. Their true origins are shrouded in mystery, but they involve an unknown benefactor that anticipated Keres' motives and thus developed the infrastructure to support this movement.

In Liberation, Burr revealed the existence of this movement to the rest of the rebel population, and instructed pilots to gain more information on the Imperium Liberatus so that they can develop countermeasures to combat them.

Much later in Virago, it is revealed that V-153 is still online and she has been the benefactor, providing encrypted blueprints for technology to counter the Liberatus.

In Showdown, the Spectre Division managed to locate and destroy the Quantum Replicator Core. Keres and her followers have since fled and the rebels are in pursuit.

Ships and Technology[]

Spectre R&D Developed technology revolving around Prime Shift, a heightened combat state that grants ships combat bonuses when they deal or take damage.

The first iteration comes in the Titan-class Switch, which gains the ability to mind control spawned ships and debilitate enemy vessels when it gains enough energy to enter Prime Shift.

Next comes the Breaker, a extremely fast fighter-class hull that can boost the damage of allied ships around it while inhibiting the enemy's ability to regenerate its shields.

The Long range attack hull, the Deadeye, is capable of disabling the propulsion systems of its enemies while boosting its own using its prime shift ability, making it easier to destroy enemy ships from afar.

The Flagship of the Spectre Division, the Comandante Carrier, boosts the prime shift charge rate of its allies, while providing fire support through its multiple squadrons.

A new take on an old ship class, the Arc, is capable of bombarding enemies on each of its broadsides into submission, either through its massive amount of weapon slots, or through its ability to fire energy projectiles that chain and deal greater damage per bounce while in Prime Shift.

A Debuffer, the Caustic weakens enemy ships, causing them to take more damage and thus allowing other allied ships to finish them off.

The Subverter is yet another debuffer that excels at applying negative status effects to enemy ships, disrupting their movement and ability to fire back, making them easy prey for other ships as well.

The pinnacle of Spectre Technology, the Torus Dreadnought can easily dispatch large amounts of enemy forces with its arsernal of weapons, while countering any attempts at swarming using its irradiation field projectile while in prime shift.

The next advancement to the Breaker, the Infiltrator is capable of getting close to enemy ships to burn through their shields, while boosting the effectiveness of surrounding ships' friendly shields as well.

Notable Figures[]

While it is unknown who the Benefactor is, Burr is noted to be one of the key founders of the Spectre Division, considering he revealed the existence of it to the rebels and invited them to join their cause.


  • The Spectre Division represent a move by KIXEYE to shift away from the RPS style of playing and return to a player focused faction and NPC faction, similar to the Xeno and A.X.I.S. Season.