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Below is a comprehensive tech tree that shows the prerequisites of the various technologies in game. Resistance and operations tech are excluded because they do not have any prerequisites. Unobtainable and illegitimate tech are also excluded.

A yellow arrow indicates that the technology requires a previous level of it. For example, Pulse Ray III requires Pulse Ray II.

A blue arrow indicates that the technology requires a different technology. For example, Metaphase Shield III requires Deflector Shield V.

The position of the technology indicates the required level of the corresponding structure. For example, Tungsten Armor II requires Ship Lab VIII, therefore it is placed below Ship Lab VIII. 

It is worth noting that while all fusion recipes require Workshop IX, the reusable items themselves do not have any prerequisites.

Last updated: September 2017

Hull Upgrade Tree[]


Note: The Nexus Destroyer can no longer be researched as it was a limited Android release special. It required the Broadsword Destroyer and Ship Lab VIII, but had no Ship Factory requirement.

Ship Tech Tree[]





Alien- and Void-type weapons are categorized according to their regular versions. For example, Shatter Driver is a Kinetic-type weapon, hence Xeno Shatter Driver also appears in the Kinetic weapon tech tree.

The Alien-type weapon(s) without a regular version are listed here with their prerequisites:

Note: Technology that are below Armored Thrusters require the Ship Lab instead of the Tech Lab.

Note: Elite Squadrons require the Ship Lab instead of the Tech Lab.

Base Tech Tree[]

Other Exclusions[]


Fleet Formations[]