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The Energy Terminus Mine deals Energy damage to ships that stray too close.
  — In-Game Description 

The Explosive Terminus Mine deals Explosive damage to ships that stray too close.
  — In-Game Description 

The Kinetic Terminus Mine deals Kinetic damage to ships that stray too close.
  — In-Game Description 


Terminus Mine I
DPS 900 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 1,350 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 1,600 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 2,400 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 4,800 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 7,200 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 9,600 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 12,000 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 14,400 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic 16,800 Energy / Explosive / Kinetic
Damage Area 1,000 x 1,000 m2
Warning Range 1,500 m
UPGRADING ModuleUpgrade.png
The Bridge Required III IV IV V V VI VI VII VII VIII
Time Time.png 10m 14s 37m 18s 1h 51m 52s 3h 06m 26s 4h 21m 01s 4h 21m 01s 4h 21m 01s 4h 21m 01s 4h 21m 01s 4h 21m 01s
Mineral Ore MineralOre.png 77,760 233,280 699,840 1,889,568 5,038,848 6,881,760 9,051,264 11,220,768 13,390,272 15,556,776
Antimatter Antimatter.png 0 0 0 209,952 1,259,712 2,309,472 3,359,232 4,408,992 5,458,752 6,508,512
Module XP Change 1,500 XP 337 XP 163 XP 449 XP 1,015 XP 148 XP 454 XP 454 XP 454 XP 454 XP


The Terminus Mine emits deadly radiation in all directions when enemy ships enter its damage field, dealing massive damage of a certain type to all that are inside. Squadrons are not affected, however.

When enemy ships or squadrons enter the Terminus Mine's warning range, it pulses red/blue/yellow depending on the damage type and a brief warning sound is heard.

Terminus Mines cannot be targeted nor damaged, therefore they cannot be repaired. (Exception: The Terminus Mine in the target of Liberatus Protectorate (130) can be damaged by the Irradiation Field.) Although squadrons appear to fire at them when passing by, no visible damage is dealt.

Their health is not counted in the overall total, allowing 3-star attacks to be performed as usual.


There are two types of Terminus Mine setups: anti-blitz and anti-snipe.

Anti-blitz mines are placed very close to The Bridge, leaving almost no gap for enemy ships to pass through. This prevents enemy fleets from sitting directly on top of your Bridge, which is extremely useful against battleships as it prevents their dual firing arcs from being used simultaneously.

Anti-snipe mines are placed far away from the base, usually around 7,000-8,000 m away from the outermost Combat Modules. This limits the movement of enemy destroyers and/or decoys, and in some cases, forces them to move closer towards your defenses, making them easier to hit.

Some rebels prefer to put the majority of their Terminus Mines on one side of their base, with most of their other defenses concentrated on the other side. Most enemies are forced to attack from the stronger side as they cannot simply run through the Terminus Mines without taking heavy damage.


  • Terminus Mines were released on December 18, 2013.
  • Terminus Mines have an unladen and maximum mass of 100 t, so no equipment can be used on them.
  • Although the damage field of the Terminus Mine appears to be a circle, its hitbox is actually a square (1x1 km). As a result, ships may appear to be inside the minefield but not take any damage, and vice versa.
  • NPC fleets are smart enough to avoid the minefield, making Terminus Mines ineffective against them unless used as a wall with no openings (they can still channel the enemy's ships).
  • The original Terminus Mines officially dealt Explosive Damage, but testing showed that they dealt Untyped Damage that could not be resisted. KIXEYE added Terminus Mines that deal Energy and Kinetic Damage in the Early May 2019 update. Existing Terminus Mines have been converted into Explosive Terminus Mines. Strangely, they continued to use the red sprite instead of the new, orange one.
  • Level VI-X Terminus Mines were added in the late September 2019 update.
  • Terminus Mines had their build and upgrade times reduced by 30% for all levels in the late April 2020 update.