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During Alliance War, a beige sustained wormhole similar to the wormholes leading to other sector will pop up with the tag reading Unstable, traveling through this wormhole will lead you into the Unstable sector, the site of a sector whose resources have depleted by the VEGA Federation, causing the stars to begin dying. They consist of multiple dying stars with multiple Solar Outposts near them.

Capturing those Solar Outposts during Alliance War grants solar shards for alliances, which allows them to access other parts of the Alliance War Event Store once they have accrued enough solar Shards.

Do note that Intel can only be obtained from Fleet versus Fleet Combat with other players in the Unstable sector, or from destroying Solar Outposts. Any fights that occur outside that of the Unstable sector will not award intel.



  • This is the Third type of sector featured in the game, and is the first dedicated sector to PvP.
  • The dying stars provides proof that the VEGA Federation has depleted the resources in that particular sector to the point where even the stars are collapsing.