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These terms are often coined by players and used very frequently. As such, it should be something to acknowledge as a new player so you can catch on to the community, and not viewing these can cause newer players to commit actions that some players may disagree with.

Slang/Common Abbreviations[]


H3/He: Helium-3

Ore: Mineral Ore

AM: Antimatter

BA: Blood Amber

Daily: Daily Missions


Gate: Wormhole


Many one-time events gain their own nicknames, which are used with decreasing frequency in the following months.

Event: Feature Event

Daily: Daily Mission

CW: Civil War

AM: Alien Mobilization

AD: Alien Decimation

PS: Planet Strike

SS: Sector Strike

AS: Alien Strike

CE: Crafting Event

AW: Alliance War


MR (T1-3): Miner Rebellion (MR)

VEGA (T4): VEGA Mining (or VEGA Cargo)

VSec (T4.5): VEGA Security

ISC (T5): Iron Star Company

DC/VDC (T5.5): (VEGA) Demon Corps

Xeno (T6.0): Xeno Division

AXIS (T6.5): A.X.I.S.

Alt (T7A/T8A): Altairians

Umb (T7B/T8B): Umbra

Pharma (T7C/T8C): Pharmakon

Lib/Libby (T9/T10): Liberatus

Game Features[]

Bubbled: Defense Matrix. Used because the defense matrix looks like the top of a bubble covering the top of the base.

BM: (Black) Market

BP: Blueprint

Clan/Guild: Different term for alliance

Jump: Player relocation / Warping a Javelin FlagshipProphet Flagship, or Harvester

Auto: AI mode is turned on, or the player leaves the battle unattended so the ships move on their own.


In general, players use the first word of the name to refer to a particular ship. The exceptions are listed below:

Frig: Frigate

BS/Bship: Battleship

BC/Bcruiser: Battlecruiser

Gen: Genesis Cruiser

Ranc: Rancor Battleship

Exo: Exodus Cruiser

Ven: Venom Battleship

Sword/BS/Board: Broadsword Destroyer

Mid: Midgard Carrier

Hawk/NH: Nighthawk Frigate

Rev: Revelation Cruiser

Val: Valhalla Carrier

Apoc: Apocrypha Cruiser

Rapt: Rapture Cruiser

Rag: Ragnarok Carrier

Jav/Taxi/Jumpship: Javelin Flagship

Corinth: Corinthian Cruiser

Valk: Valkyrie Carrier

Cane: Hurricane Frigate

Vig: Vigilante Battleship

Cov: Covenant Cruiser

HF/Hells: Hellfire Battleship

Damo: Damocles Destroyer

Dom: Dominion Carrier

Pun: Punisher Cruiser

Deci: Decimator Cutter

Anni: Annihilator Battleship

Exterm: Exterminator Destroyer

Supp: Suppressor

Pal: Paladin Carrier

Vindi: Vindicator Cutter

Lib: Liberator Destroyer

Peg/Peggy: Pegasus

Para: Paragon Battleship

Cav: Cavalier Cutter

Inq: Inquisitor Destroyer

Sov: Sovereign Carrier

Med: Medusa Destroyer

Manti: Manticore Battlecruiser

Behe: Behemoth Dreadnought

Troj: Trojan Cruiser

Seg: Segfault Dreadnought

Harv: Harvester

BH: Barrage Hive / Barrage Harvester

RH: Reaper Harvester

AR: Ancient Reaper

AH: Ancient Hive

Val: Valrayvn

Op: Operator

Levi: Leviathan Dreadnought

Vec: Vector

Zeta/Zetta: Zettabyte Dreadnought

Wendi: Wendigo

Arty: Artemis

Impy: Imperator Dreadnought

Com: Comandante Carrier

Infil: Infiltrator

Conserve: Conservator


In general, players use the first word of the name to refer to a particular technology. The exceptions are listed below:


MD: Mass Driver

GD/Glad: Gladius Driver

Gat: Gatling Ray

WD: Wave Driver

ND: Neutron Driver

PB: Plasma Battery, old name of HEX Missile.

Mani/Many folds: Manifold Missile

XDC/Xeno Cannon: Xeno Disintegrator Cannon

I: Infernal Prefix (e.g: Iwave = Infernal Wave Driver)

H: Heavy Prefix (e.g: HCluster = Heavy Cluster Missile)

X/AL: Xeno Prefix (e.g: XCluster = Xeno Cluster Missile)

V/VO: Void Prefix (e.g: VPulse = Void Pulse Cannon)

B/BL: Blight Prefix (e.g: BNova = Blight Nova Cannon)

P/PL: Plasma Prefix (e.g: PTera = Plasma Tera Cannon)


Trit: Tritanium (Plates)

Irid: Iridium (Plates)

Zyn: Zynthium (Plates)

Cap: Capacitive Plates

Tal: Talonite Armor / Talonite Plates

HT: Heavy Talonite Armor / Heavy Talonite Plates

EX: EX Heavy Talonite Armor / EX Tungsten Armor

EXAL: EXAL Heavy Talonite Armor / EXAL Tungsten Armor

EN: EN Heavy Talonite Armor / EN Tungsten Armor

ENAL: ENAL Heavy Talonite Armor / ENAL Tungsten Armor

KI: KI Heavy Talonite Armor / KI Tungsten Armor

KIAL: KIAL Heavy Talonite Armor / KIAL Tungsten Armor

XX Reso: (Elemental) Resonant Armor


Spec: Spectral Shield / Spectral Field

Shock: Shockwave Shield / Shockwave Field

Def: Deflector Shield / Deflector Field

Meta: Metaphase Shield / Metaphase Field

Exo: Harmonic Exophase Shield / Exophase Field


Cargo: Basic Cargo

AH: Armored Hold

XAH: Xeno Armored Hold

AM: AM Warheads / AM Detonators

Rot: Rotation Thrusters

AT: Armored Thrusters

XAT: Xeno Armored Thruster

FO/Optics: Focused Optics / Focused Apertures

Mags: Iridium Magnets (Arrays)

Spec: Spectral Warheads/Spectral Shield

Shock: Shockwave Shield

Def: Deflector Shield

VF/Vol: Volatile Fuel

RR: Reinforced Rails

UR/ISIS Thruster/Allahu Akbar Thrusters: Unstable Reactor. The latter is used because the thruster explodes upon death, much like a suicide bomb. (Bomb is another, albeit less used term)

ER: Electric Rails

HCT: Harmonic Chase Thruster

BC/XBC: Beam Capacitor/Xeno Beam Capacitor

HBC/HXBC: Harmonic Beam Capacitor/Harmonic Xeno Beam Capacitor

SC/XSC: Siege Casing/Xeno Siege Casing

HSC/HXSC: Harmonic Siege Casing/Harmonic Xeno Siege Casing

Neut: Neutrino Fusion

ZT: Zephyr Thruster

BOC: Beam Overcharge Capacitor

ST: Sunder Thruster

MC: Magnetic Collar

IC: Incendiary Corpus

TD: Thermic Disruptor

Base Modules[]

CM: Combat Module

Fact/Oven: Ship Factory

FB/Bay: Fleet Bay

Mine: Terminus Mine / Alien Mine

Silo: Refers to resource storage buildings, i.e. Storage Modules and Antimatter Silos.

Hang: Hangar Module


Comm Warrior: A person who picks virtual fights using the chat system in order to annoy others. Some people do this to their enemies, while others do it to anyone they feel like. Comm Warrior bases are commonly found under Defense Matrices in order to avoid being attacked by whoever he/she may annoy.

Carebear: A person who views insectors as bad, and usually police the sector trying to find insectors to attack. Much less common now, but used to be very common in the early stages after closed beta. Insecting is still used as a justification for PvP by bored players.

Coiner: A person who uses a disproportionate amount of their money to purchase coins, whereby they can repair their fleets/bases instantly or do just about anything else. Characterized by very high spending compared to other, more casual players.

Frubble: Moving your bridge out so another member of your alliance can 3 star you without taking damage and give you a 24 hour bubble.

Insector: A person who attacks people residing in the same sector. Very common.

Parking tickets: A term that expresses when people randomly hit unmoving fleets for one reason or another.

Prep: Weakening the base in such a way that the Defense Matrix does not trigger, commonly achieved by reducing the base health to just above 75%.

Raid: A large planned attack on a sector, an alliance or a coalition by another sector, alliance or coalition.

(Res) Thief/Stealer: Short for resource thief, a person who constantly steals resources without the permission of others. Often hard targets by most players and viewed as bad.

Insta refers to an instant repair ship or fleet, or simply a ship with comparatively low repair time. (Minute Vens)


DAC: Short for "Damn Auto Correct", a common lament by mobile players whose devices often substitute incorrect words, often with hilarious results.

DC: Disconnection. This is often devastating when a player is in battle.

Misclick: More or less what it sounds like; when a player unintentionally attacks another.

Player Experts are players who assist the KIXEYE Customer Support team in handling incoming tickets.

PvP Expert is a role on the VEGA Conflict Discord, given to an inner circle of players responsible for providing feedback to KIXEYE about PvP content.

Insight is a role on the VEGA Conflict Discord, given to an inner circle of players responsible for providing feedback to KIXEYE about future content.

IFS is an abbreviation for Internal Feedback Server. Select Insight members can test out upcoming content on the IFS.

NOPE (Cannon/Tech etc.): A term that is often used by inner circles to refer to topics that are protected under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.